do you know what you are really paying for Derby and other tickets!

For the first time in years I will not be at the Championships.

So I looked at ticket prices for Milwaukee. For one day adult it is $31.25, for kids under 13 and senior $23.25…..not bad, really for this championship event. But the Ticketmaster surcharge ranges from $8.25 for the kids all the way up to $20 for a 3-day ticket!

Wouldn’t you rather have the extra money for merch, programs, whatever.

The building has a Ticketmaster contract, so WFTDA has no choice. And where does that extra fee go? It is split between Ticketmaster, the building and probably somewhere else. So ironically, even though WFTDA has paid a rental fee for the venue, they are paying an additional amount on tickets sold.

And for many events with tickets running much more expensive, the service fee can run from $100 to much more.

Whoever devised this terrible excess charge for the simple act of computerized ticket distribution?

OK, I confess, at BASS Tickets when we started we gave promoter Bill Graham a 25 cent rebate on each ticket we sold for him. Then at Ticketmaster, where I was executive vice president, sales and marketing, we used it as a method to compete against Ticketron. Eventually we were making large advance payments plus box office computerization to such organizations as the Forum in LA, Madison Square Garden etc. click to see photo of Madison Square Garden with Roller derby.

But what is occurring today is far in excess.

That is why I am so happy at this time to be with Brown Paper Tickets. We can do anything that is necessary to service and sell tickets: by PC, mobile device, and we still take phone orders, all for just 99 cents per ticket plus credit card fee, which I believe is the lowest out there.

And we have tens of thousands of clients around the world, a 13 year history, and unlike any one else, we have Derby personnel (as well as theater, music and more) and the best 24-hour live client service. And you may get free support: free pr and social media, venue location, fund-raising, donations, and so much more. This is a fair trade,not just for profit company that serves more Derby leagues than anyone else.

At least go to our website ( and try to digest all we do for so little cost (no cost to the leagues).

Hey, Rollercon uses only Brown Paper Tickets.

And BPT hired The Commissioner.

3 comments on “do you know what you are really paying for Derby and other tickets!

  1. I don’t envy leagues who have terrific venues, like Milwaukee does, who can pull large numbers of people, like we do, yet have no choice but to use Ticketmaster. Our crowds are awesome. 2000+ nearly every time. We’ve even eclipsed 3000 a few times. So the girls are doing a lot of things right. Yet, I have no idea how many tickets are actually sold online. When a $15 or so ticket runs additional fees and you pay to park, we’re sort of an anomaly. People still show up in strong numbers. But if you could hone that online crowd, like you and I know can be done, I sit and wonder if 3000 couldn’t be 5000. Suddenly an inexpensive night out isn’t so inexpensive. And this is simply one example, as this is an issue for many leagues that can support a large venue.

    I, like you, took my job with Brown Paper Tickets knowing it was an ethical company who wanted to help the sport in more ways than just selling tickets. I couldn’t have worked for someone who didn’t. It’s been a terrific marriage of personal knowledge and BPT’s vast resources that have made a difference for a lot of leagues. And it’s only going to get better.

    • Bob, this isn’t about the success of Brew City who does draw well, but just think if they were able to use BPT the 3000 fans would have an additional $21,000 approximately after the BPT fee to support the team. The more we can make people aware, the more that pressure can be brought to bear to consider the fans.

  2. I have had to pay for tickets through Ticketmaster and I hate the amount they tack on for surcharges. Our local league uses Brown Paper Tickets and they are not trying to rip people off. Leaves money for merch and that is always a good thing.

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