Roller Derby, Derby, Roger Ebert and my politics

Derby Movie Review & Film Summary (1972) | Roger Ebert.</p

Most who follow me on facebook know my political views. Obviously a number don't like them. But today I heard a speech by our President at Dreamworks, and he quoted a man who had a large impact on my life, Roger Ebert.

Now I have done a few different things in my life….it is fortunate that I have always been able to use my attention deficit to my advantage: failing and then trying something different and keeping going (for the most part).

So when Roller Derby was going well, I decided I wanted to produce a movie about it in order to complete a grand marketing scheme I had then; this was in an era of no cable, satellite, dvds, etc.

I gave some filmmakers some cash, told them to go on the road with the Roller Derby as it toured the US, and make a film (no script, what was I thinking about).

Well, I addressed that part on another blog, but what we ended up with (and I helped with the segmenting, postproduction, etc) was an amazing film. At that time (1970), probably the best, most brutal, most edifying film about sport (documentary) ever made.

I loved it; my father, the skaters, the fans all hated it. It received awards at all major film festivals, was distributed by Cinerama, and nobody saw it.

Except the critics, and without exception they loved it; it made most lists of the top ten films of 1971; including the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times, and on and on.

To read Roger Ebert's review, click on the link at the top of this page.

Roger was a wonderful man who overcame a very tragic illness and fought it to the end. Because of a dear friend of mine, I was able to know him better.

He also influenced President Obama, who today at a movie studio quoted Roger: "My political beliefs are based on kindness."

I would like to think those words apply to me. I am concerned with poverty, abuse, health and many other issues. It is not a Democrat or Republican thing. My sister and brother-in-law, both avowed Republicans, did more than their share for others.

I am proud to be a liberal, and don't just label me; understand what I believe. Wouldn't it be great if everyone practiced kindness on others.

One comment on “Roller Derby, Derby, Roger Ebert and my politics

  1. Au Contrair, mon ami! The GOP makes no bones about being the party of the richest 1%. Their determination to rid America of it’s social safety net (Social Security. Mediicare and Medicaid) is surpassed only by their fervor to have our US troops kill as many people as possible around the world and when our troops return, they deny them the benefits they deserve and cut the food stamps for their children. Sorry, but the Dems are the party of compassion. Don’t believe me? Lose your job and slip below the poverty line. The Repubs will do all that they can to make sure that life can be even harder. Or, become a veteran.

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