When is it too late to skate?

today there are 3070 members from all over the world…..get ready to join (you must be over 40 and affiliated with Derby somewhere.


In an earlier post, I wrote about old-time Roller Derby and how one of the big attractions was a really old skater, “Ma” Bogash who had been told by her doctor to take up exercise to help control her diabetes, so she started skating, and skated off and on for several years in the Derby.  She was 39.

And then there was Ann Calvello who skated her first game in 1949, her last game for the IRDL in 1973 and skated various pick up games until a final “match race” with Rollerjam in the year 2000.  She bragged she skated in 7 decades.  But the game was controlled, and obviously she was not the skater in the late 70’s she was in the 50’s and early 70’s.

So what about today’s participants in a game that is fully competitive, and if you skate with the best you had better be…

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