Hookers had Balls

I didn’t just promote Roller Derby, you know…..


In the late 70’s I became aware of an event that was taking place at the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco.  It was the Hookers’ Ball, a Halloween event promoted by Margo St. James, one of San Francisco’s famous characters.  Margo headed an organization called Coyote:  Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics, which represented prostitutes and ex-prostitutes to get less hassling by law enforcement, help getting back into society,  and legalize prostitution.

I called Margo and she gladly allowed BASS to sell tickets.  We sold out what we had, and when I went to the Hotel the night of the event there were several disturbing things:  people heading up the escalator in little costume or none at all, and a ballroom that was oversold by about 1000.  I found out that Margo just had all agencies selling tickets, without any regard to the legal capacity.  Obviously the fire marshall…

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