Is Derby in the right size venue (or too big or too small)?

put this out last year… many leagues need dollars….learn to save them on rent, etc….and for god’s sake use all the free services from Brown Paper Tickets….and reach out to me at

I spoke to a league official from Iowa last week, and the call really disturbed me.  They played in one of Iowa’s larger cities  that had a new large arena.  And the cost was outrageous!  That and the 80% (yes) service charge on the ticket price was a killer……I won’t tell you the name of the ticket company as I used to work there…….So the members of the league were forced to each kick up extra money to make up the deficit.


Last year I wrote about checking up on a larger arena if you were ready to make the jump.  This is about finding the right size (and not just for cost) and the most economical.

Most of you know every venue and rink in your area you can play in.  Hopefully you have checked out venue finder at (the most amazing ticketing company ever, and I…

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