April and Demolicious and what they mean to Roller Derby

Equity Endeavor's Small Business Crowdfunding Blog: Equity Endeavor Featured Small Biz of the Week: TXRD – Texas Roller Derby, Austin.

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There are two absolutely indescribable women in Roller Derby……actually a lot more but this is about two who just defy description.

April Ritzenhaler is featured in the article above: 13 years ago she and the women of Austin started all this skating madness again when they were conned by Devil Dan to start Derby, he disappeared with the money, but they did it anyway and founded modern Roller Derby on the banked track. Eventually some skaters split off and started the Texas Roller Girls on the flat track….So here is the Garden of Eden for modern Derby.

April is such a special woman; she has a special aura and you want to hear what she says and pay close attention because she is brilliant…and to see TXRD in action is just a fun, wonderful fulfilling time.

And then on the left coast there is Demolicious LADD (Rebecca Ninberg) who eleven years ago with her partner started the LA Derby Dolls, also, ironically on the banked track. I have been to the Doll Factory, and if you haven’t, you had better hurry because they are being evicted from this wonderful facility: a self-contained arena, plus a flat track, and you have to go there to see why thousands line up for very game.

But the Derby Dolls have meant so much more to the city: the training sessions, junior Derby, and the overwhelming outreach to the community that has earned them multiple citations from the City of Los Angeles and Rebecca was recently appointed Commissioner on a council for women for Los Angeles.

And also ironically, LADD is very involved in fund raising so they can find a new facility in Los Angeles, even better than the Doll Factory (is it possible?). Go to http://www.derbydolls.com to help them raise the $100,000 needed to keep the dream moving forward.

So who are the legends in banked track history? Leo Seltzer, April (La Muertas) Ritzenhaler, and Demolicious LADD. The founder and his goddaughters……you should all be jealous of my family.

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