A great post Valentine idea: we need you to get us blood!

Join in!


This is what we were able to accomplish last year for the this great cause: blood saves lives.

And now we are getting ready to double the amount of dates (and add leagues) in Northern California, for later this summer.

https://scontent-b-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/p480x480/954884_10200487726982076_1510730578_n.jpg click here: I gave blood and look what I got!

The idea initiated with Tom Petty (no) and put together with the great Bay Area Red Cross staff, and although really time limited, 6
Leagues (Resurrection, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley, Undead Betties, and Sonoma County and Hollister participated, receiving donations of over 200 pints so far! This mean up to 800 lives could be saved.

And it was great for all involved on not only a community project level, but wonderful awareness of the leagues was heightened by the promotion and publicity generated by Brown Paper Tickets. And since Brown Paper Tickets is so involved in not just…

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