How I learned to love coed Roller Derby last night

love all forms of Roller Derby….this was very exciting!

It is a real schlepp from Sonoma to Ukiah…….about 90 miles.

And yesterday was our hottest day of the year, a most unusual 105 degrees as recorded by my thermometer in the shade.

And there was so much great skating and Derby on live streaming that I spent too much time watching; I don’t know if it is because it is tournament play or whatever, but the games were all fabulous.  And last night I wanted to watch the very much fun TXRD.

Roadtrip Collage. Roadtrip Collage.

But I had promised and re-confirmed that I would come to Ukiah for the Coalition Collision Tournament; besides they are a Brown Paper Ticket customer, so I had 1. Jewish guilt, 2. Roller Derby guilt, and 3. Brown Paper Tickets guilt.  And what would it be like in Ukiah in a non-airconditioned fairgrounds building?

So I froze some Brita water, put on a Rollercon (circa…

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