The Funny days of Roller Derby

It was so much fun running Roller Derby in the 60s and 70s (most of the time) and I was just as much off the wall then as now. And with Frank Deford’s wonderful “Five Strides” coming out Tuesday as ebook and Kindle, this is a good time to read this.

It was fun being the head of Roller Derby (“It is good to be the King”).

Since I was young to start with (26) and never grew old in the job (that is definitely part of the problem) and few took us seriously, we kind of got away with a lot.

In a previous blog I told you about the fun that my official pundit Herb Michelson and I had with the press, but we carried it over to our everyday life.  When we became successful, we moved our offices to Kaiser Center, a beautiful curved building alongside Lake Merritt in Oakland that was the world wide headquarters for Kaiser industries.  We were one of the few non-Kaiser companies there.  I think they kept us around for laughs, although they really couldn’t figure us out.  The manager of the center was a very nice man, but it was a typical…

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