We are not bullies…..

check the comments in the blog….maybe add yours…..seems to have more complaints lately, but it still may be a small problem


You would probably be surprised at the amount of messages I get on facebook from people I don’t know that well or have never met.

I sometimes feel that they kind of look on me as the court of last resort.

Many times before there is a team split off (as there was recently in Chico, CA) I hear from a participant in The Great Sport who feels he or she is being treated unfairly.

Now you all pay to play, so it is really different from if you were trying out for a sport or team and the coaches felt you didn’t have the talent to make it.  That is not what modern Derby is all about.  You can obviously participate on some level, but still have to conform to league rules.  I understand that.  But just last week I heard from someone who was in such distress because…

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