is there a simple Derby solution?

When I saw the Chicago Red Hots play the Pennsylvania All Stars a few Saturdays ago near Chicago my eyes were opened to something.

It is no secret that i like certain aspects of the USARS rules because they remind me of our own, but frankly as seen by several of the games played in the recent nationals it looked undisciplined, spread out, and not a great skater awareness. Not in all the contests, but certainly in many of them.

But the Red Hots and All Stars played a very disciplined, fast, furious game with balls out (pardon, women) play and great pack action as the game was intended.

Well, who were these guys?

The Red Hots are composed of players from the Chicago and Indiana area who skate on other teams, but love the extra chance to play and the action of USARS….we are talking the likes of Kola Loka, Val Capone and others.

And the Pennsylvania All Stars: some of the Philly Rollergirls, Steel City and others throughout the state who just love to play the game and schedule against all rulesets and men’s teams. And V-Diva and others are no slouches.

I would love to see all skaters be able to skate against all others of equal ability. And I know many of you out there would like to test yourself against others, schedule more games you can play in and get more Derby!

So why doesn’t Ohio, California, Missouri, Ontario, etc put independent teams together (not losing their regular roster position) and let us see more open Derby action….this was the best game I have seen all year.

So contact Fernando Reguero of the Red Hots and V-Diva of the All Stars and find out how to get started and get it down…..I have no part of it except as the ultimate fan who wants to see this type of great skating action which I believe will excite and expand the fan base.

By the way, on May 24th the Red Hots have scheduled the champions of Mexico, Guadalajara, in their first USARS game… at of course.

Maybe we are on to something….the DIY sport is becoming even more DIY.

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