Modern Roller Derby not limited to the game.

I am not certain if Derby today is a microcosm of society or a different world of its own.

I am what would be called at fraternities and sororities,  a legacy.

My father invented the game, I promoted it, so I have some kind of association with the 2000 leagues and the people in them.

There are some who feel I really don’t have any,  but we are ignoring them for today.

so I have the unofficial title of The Commissioner, and when I show up at most games, tournaments, I am greeted warmly because to many I represent the history of one of America’s 3 sports, created by an American.  And I feel that I try to live up to the respect shown.

I have been part of the creation and/or development of sites that are helping many who need help; I am so delighted to be with Brown Paper Tickets, a company that is more interested in creating interest and developing clients than mere profit.

And they have supported the American Red Cross/Brown Paper Tickets/Roller Derby blood drives that we hope to expand across the country (see us at Rollercon); no profit there except saving hundreds of lives, and the leagues have responded so wonderfully.

I also when I can try to mentor those who contact me when appropriate.  I have so many close friends in so many parts of the world that I am in touch with on a regular basis  (my own time, not BPT’s).  Some have to do with skating, a lot doesn’t.

I kind of hate it when my role with them is ended; they can move on with their lives, but it is inevitable.


And this is what modern Derby has given to me:  the very human touch of being part of something at far beyond the time one would expect.

I hope to see you at Rollercon, or the World Cup in Dallas, or wherever we meet.  I probably have more Derby love than anyone has a right to expect.

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