A Derby warning

You are in the public eye.

People you don’t know will try to friend you on facebook…..it is very flattering.

Just this past week three of my friends reported some very disturbing instances with people they really hadn’t known that well.

One cautions against considering establishing a close relationship with anyone you don’t know before becoming too close to you on facebook; it turned very upsetting, and he used her contacts with other friends to try to do the same. There are many predators out there.

The other two instances involved geting close to two “strangers” and after occurences of mental and physical violence finding out that the other person’s history wasn’t what was portrayed. One woman filed for reasearch through her state government and found 24 instances of reported violence against women (why hadn’t he been locked up, you ask…..well he had for a while).

Spend the money to do the research if you get involved; warn your friends; unfriend people who are getting “strange” on line.

The above are all Derby women…Protect yourself and your teammates.

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