The end of an Era: Derby News Network, in memorium.

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By now, those of you reading this are probably aware that Derby News Network is no more.

In what appears to be a final update (posted on the 9th of September, after the completion of their coverage of WFTDA D1 Playoffs), the DNN team announced that “As of today, Derby News Network is retired.”

For seven years, Derby News Network worked to provide third-party coverage of roller derby, first in the USA, and then increasingly worldwide. They brought, usually free, streamed video from bouts as they happened. They provided bout recaps for the most important bouts (without DNN, the coverage of the first ever Women’s Roller Derby World Cup, an internationally important event, would have been almost non-existent), with impressively rapid turn-around, licensed for free use and reproduction by the entire community. They provided scores and rankings and news about all of the derby that they could know about (not…

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