The best era for Old School Derby and how I learned to promote the hard way.

a little bit of history and the real story.

In 1959 at the age of 56 Leo Seltzer decided to shut down Roller Derby.

It was getting to be too much aggravation, the managers were inept (skaters were great), and he was involved in a land project (scheme) in Lancaster California, about 70 miles north of LA.

The common story is that he turned Roller Derby over to his 26-year old son.  That is not true.  I approached him and said I thought I could make a go of it.  He said fine, but he couldn’t help.

So with an initial funding of $500 and the use of the tracks, uniforms, and the cooperation of skaters who wouldn’t be paid until we started making money, I revived the game in Northern California.  At that time an independent television station had come on the air and needed programming….a marriage made in heaven.  We were able to promote our games (a…

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