Roller Derby, World Cup and more….upon reflection

I think it has taken at least a week to try and process the amazing, overwhelming effect of the World Cup.

this video will give you a feeling of country against country:

Obviously, great praise to the four finalists, Canada, Australia, England and the USA;  there is no doubt that the USA team was the best compilation of players ever, but it also is obvious the rest of the world is getting closer in the ability to play Roller Derby.

And how could you not love the presence and efforts of the other 26 leagues.  Many had to overcome such obstacles to even get to Dallas; yet you know that this tournament was a defining moment in their lives.

And for me also.

There is no doubt that I have felt the game must be changed to be successful as a fan favorite.  But I was shown to forget that aspect in Dallas by the players themselves.  Whether Chilean or South African or Puerto Rican or Welsh, these people owned this game and loved it.

And isn’t that really the important thing about modern Derby?

As time goes by, the game will evolve to what the players want, and I and others am certainly free to comment upon it as we would on any other sport.

But during my endless conversations with members of almost all the teams represented, it became more and more obvious that this game connects them to what is really important in their lives, whether in the Outback or in Paris or in London or Sao Paolo.

There was such love and sharing in Dallas amongst people who never knew each other before but were joined forever.

I apologize.

And the games will continue. Thanks to all of you.

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