OK, where have I been since last year….been a while

Some I can tell you, some I can’t…….a fire chased me out of Sonoma for a month, and I should be back next week.

and other stuff.

So there has been nothing new on here for quite a while, but I have been observing.

I never think of any of my frilends or followers as skaters……that is really their avocation…..I think I know many better than friends I actually see occasionally.  Life is rough, but you all seem to be a hardy – and caring – bunch.

It seems all that someone has to do on facebook is reveal something about themselves, and they get positive reactions from all over the skate world.

And I sense a new feeling about how the Game will go in this year.

The World Cup did a lot more than bring in 30 countries to play each other; it really connected all of you a lot more.  And there is definitely stretching going on out there:  teams representing states (men and women) playing in Florida, V-Diva and the Pennsylvania All Stars  hosting ten eastern states teams created from skaters from all leagues for this kind of play, and my darling wifey Val Capone (I am her “husbitch”) miraculously returning to the track last weekend as the Chicago Red Hots sold out the Cicero Stadium playing the Bruise Brothers….and she acquitted herself wonderfully in this USARS event.  You can see some of the action on my facebook page (Jerry Seltzer, of course) and Fernando Reguirio will be adding more later.

I enjoyed the World Cup and equate that game because of the strategy and skill as almost more of an outgrowth of rugby than original Derby…..with the jammers carrying most of the motion on the track.  The USARS (and MADE) game when played by skilled athletes is fast and hard hitting with more of the players involved since the pack has to keep moving. And virtually all of the Red Hots are also on WFTDA teams.

Guess what, you can like one or both; they both are Derby.

I know the ranking system is effective in getting the teams to the Championships, but it is also restrictive in which teams may play each other….that Is why I personally like what some of the players above are doing to expand their skills and the ability to play more games by forming or joining other teams outside of their leagues.  I think the more skating you can participate in, if that is what you want, the better an athlete you will be.   It would be great if every state had teams composed of some of the best players from leagues within.

Just my opinion….but did you really expect different?

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