This year is Roller Derby’s 80th anniversary, and we will bleed to celebrate

80 years ago on August 13th, 1935, Leo Seltzer had the idea to put men and women skaters on a slightly banked track and skate a marathon….and who would have figured that 80 years later some 2000 leagues (100,000 athletes) would make it a huge part of their lives in a modern version.

So this is how the American Red Cross, Brown Paper Tickets and a number of Roller Derby leagues are celebrating this anniversary in a way that saves lives:

There will be a competition between the West and the East to see who can get the most donors to give blood.  Northern California leagues will be engaging in the drives for the third straight year, and Jeff Meyer, Director for the Red Cross in the Massachusetts and Connecticut region, will be reaching out to the local leagues (women, men, and juniors) for drives in  these areas to try to “out draw” the western region…..and even Bangor Maine Derby wants to join in.

The drives will be between July and August this year to honor the founding of the game.  For your league to join in, please contact, or me at jerry@brownpapertickets com.   and don’t worry, we will also be hounding you in the next few weeks.

And Leo Seltzer who never knew his beloved sport survived (he died in 1978) would be overjoyed at the service you are providing.  Let us tell you how easy it is to join in and what a service you are providing to your community in saving lives.

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