Can you say non sequitur?

One of my friends posted that today was Loretta Lynn’s birthday.

So I had to comment that the Senate should confirm her for attorney general.

She thought I was genuinely confused with Loretta Lynch, but those who know me understand that is my sense of humor.

But then I got to thinking, Loretta Lynn and I are the same age!

And she is a coal miner’s daughter, and I actually was in a coal mine.

My senior year in high school (you figure how long ago that was) our spring trip was to southern Illinois (we lived just north of Chicago).

So we were on buses and headed south.  Now Chicago is a wonderful, sophisticated urban city and southern Illinois is not (as Chevy Chase would say). The city of Cairo, named after the one in Egypt, is pronounced Kay-Ro there.

We visited Springfield, saw where Lincoln lived, saw his office and the historical sites.  And we really all had a great time, mainly because we got to be with each other.  We passed near to Litchfield, Illinois, where the Roller Derby Skate Company was located but didn’t go there.

But we did go to the coal mining area of the state (wonder if it is still there?).  And our school had set up that we could all go in the mine!  Can you imagine that today?

So we put coveralls with a head covering on, climbed into those little cars, and headed deep into the earth…..the noise was shattering, the coal dust everywhere.  we stopped and saw how the miners worked….the vein was about 5 feet high so we couldn’t fully stand up.  It wasn’t Disneyland.

We finally went back up, brushed the coal dust off, went back to our hotel and showered.  black mucus came out of our noses for days.

I don’t think anything convinced us more to study and get to college.   And of course if you don’t today you end up at Walmart.

I ain’t no coal miner’s daughter.

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