Banked track, flat track

from 4 and 1/2 years ago… 2000 leagues and no boost in banked tracks plus no professional game.

Maybe people are choosing up sides unnecessarily.

I am amazed at how inflammatory the subject is.  So I will try to discuss it in a rational manner.

Obviously Roller Derby evolved as a banked track game and was enjoyed by millions, albeit many times as an exhibition.  We, the management and the skaters, never even thought of it as possible to be skated on a flat surface.  So we were proved wrong, as almost 700 leagues around the world are doing it successfully today.  And if the game is skated by skilled players before two evenly matched teams, it is very exciting.

However, that doesn’t mean that banked track skating should be dismissed, because it isn’t going to be.  As many leagues as can afford it and can figure out the logistics of storing, setting up, training, more will keep appearing.  I am very interested in what the response will…

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One comment on “Banked track, flat track

  1. I am 73 years old I saw my first game in 1952 when I was 10. It was at the old 9th Regiment Armory in NYC. In those days the Derby rented the Armory from October to April and played four games a week. Most of the games were sold out with about 4500 people attending nightly. When I walked into the building for the first time I was awe struck at seeing the track. The skating surface was painted green and I remembered TOUGHIE getting green paint on her face and uniform. The crowd was loud and boisterous. It was the best time of my young life.Recently I saw on TV the new game featuring flat track teams with women only.Sadly I was very disappointed and could not feel the same kind of excitement I did when I was 10 years old. Where was the speed? Where was the hard blocking with bodies flying over the rail? Remember the exciting Pull a way not to mention the awesome changeover between periods. What I saw was not Roller Derby.Call it anything else. In my opinion Roller Derby was and always will be a banked track co ed game. Having men and women on the same team was unique and different. It’s what set Roller Derby apart from all other sports. You can’t argue with success. Everywhere the Derby went it drew huge enthusiastic crowds.I can still hear the chant of let’s go CHIEFS from 20000 hysterical fans at Madison Square Garden.Todays version of the sport lacks the excitement and speed of the past. I doubt that today’s girls would be a match for the great Toughie or GerryMurray.After 15 years of existence they have not played in a major arena or established a professional league.Lets bring back Banked Track co ed skating and make it a legitimate game.

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