The fights outside the game are not helping Roller Derby

I don’t know what kicked it off, maybe USARS announcing a USA team to represent the country in sanctioned international matches, but individuals are “slugging” at each other in the rule sets wars.

I am WFTDA; I am USARS statements are appearing in social media……I happen to feel that whatever you skate:  flat track, banked track, MADE, Renegade, WFTDA, USARS should be whatever you feel most happy with, maybe at a particular time. The rules war doesn’t push Roller Derby forward in any outsider’s eyes, if that is important to you.  And the more rule sets you can skate, the better for all.

It seems to be all about who controls the “Game”… I don’t think a lot of you are being paid a lot of money to play something you love, so don’t you all really own it and decide what to play.  At events like Rollercon it doesn’t seem to matter or am I just imaging that.

If you check what Sam Santos site ( has on it, you will see that after his weeding out some disappearing leagues, there are now 1845 in the world, down from a high of over 2000. Maybe some were phantom leagues and had already disappeared.

My personal wish is that you all find a way to work with each other and play against each other regardless of past difficulties or problems……

After all, I am the Commissioner.

6 comments on “The fights outside the game are not helping Roller Derby

  1. Personally I am one of wftda’s revenue streams and not much more. People who worship at the shrine of wftda and don’t belong to top level teams are delusional.

  2. Agreed. If you love to play, simply play. If marketing to draw 200 people is wearing you out, don’t do it. Just play. I’m tired of the battles over rules. It’s become so taxing I stay out of it. As I’ve told you, Jerry, I do my part for those who play. For the true stories of empowerment, confidence, skill sets learned…for the sub-culture. The rest will simply have to sort itself out.

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