You skaters scare me and not in a good way

Is it my imagination or does the game seem to be getting more dangerous with more injuries…..It is almost like I see a number reported each day.  On June 20th this player broke her fibula when her Savannah team was playing.  And she does not have the funds for her medical coverage.  So here is her information if you could spare a few dollars to help a Derby sister:

You know I used to promote and own Roller Derby (oh no, is he off on that again?).  We paid the skaters, provided all equipment, doctor availability when needed and of course had workmen’s compensation…..we virtually never used it because our rate was so high anyway that we had been assigned to the State of California for coverage. So we paid the medical expenses, and kept the players on salary until they could skate again (after our orthopedic surgeon released them).  If it appeared to be a very long term situation, then we turned it over to the insurance company if there was the prospect of some permanent injury.

We required butt pads in the uniforms of all skaters, and unfortunately too many of you don’t realize the terrible effects of a coccyx injury until it occurs.  And yes our leather pads in the tights and shorts do not compare with the equipment required today, but our skaters went through almost a year of training on average before joining the league and knew how to skate the banked track; how to fall; how to avoid hitting other skaters on the track and since they were almost always moving forward (by rule) the impacts did not equal what is in the game today.  And the talent and skills of the players are not all equal.

What I do not understand is the jeopardy you all are putting yourself into.  You aren’t going to be injured at all?  Don’t bet on it. The benefits of the insurance required are minimal, and if you are injured and off for some time, you are jeopardizing your employment and other activities.

Everyone who skates should have private or affordable care insurance.  I am really surprised that leagues do not require it.

Examine your situation and don’t think it can’t happen to you, and could you afford an extra ten to twenty thousand dollars if necessary.

Just for your own good.

The powerless Commissioner has spoken.

11 comments on “You skaters scare me and not in a good way

  1. Every skater that plays knows the risks, and continue to play knowing the consequences of a worst-case scenario or walk away. We do it anyways for the love of the game. No we don’t get paid or compensated for injury down time like football or hockey players…but when you’re doing something you love, nothing will get in the way.
    Side note: I’ve yet to be part of a league that allows skaters to participate without insurance.

  2. Wa State here. Mandatory that you have both skating and personal insurance on our league, and most of our sister leagues. We were also really worried about rates of injury that were creeping up in our league, particularly knee injuries and concussions. While we can’t control other leagues game play, we did take measures in house. I.e. using a modified warmup from Soccer that has been proven to reduce knee injuries in soccer players, and definitely worked in ours. With such a small league it is hard to say that the numbers are overly significant, but we saw a reduction in knee, hip and ankle injuries by about half. (From small strains/sprains upwards to larger damage)

    We also have baseline concussion training on all players for our training staff to use. Some of our practice time every year for ALL LEAGUE MEMBERS (Skaters, NSO’s, REFs etc..) is devoted to first aid and concussion training. We require a certain type of helmet, (S1 lifer or equivalent) We also highly encourage skaters to use butt pads.

    We also take the ‘return to play’ very seriously be it from injury or time off skates. No one is allowed to just ‘jump back in’ full play.

    it may not mean a lot, but we do have a scholarship fund every year that goes to a student that is training in sports medicine. Little things like that help us hold ourselves accountable for being safe.

  3. great comments….since not all read the comments on the post, would like to see you also post on the page in which you saw this post…thanks. I have also seen evidence of lack of sufficient training in many of the players participating….a great danger to all out there.

  4. If only they would listen to someone who knows.  I shudder when I read some of the accidents they are talking about. 

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  6. Didnt the sport ( back before the wftda formed a governing body to help skaters and insure them) wear like a bear minimum of pads, involve people using their hands and arms to punch people and push them over a railing and you are sayingthat roller derby now is scary and dangerous. Also I seem to remember watching videos where people were body slamming and kicking other skaters.
    I think the sport is fine right now. There are injuries but there will always be injuries in any sport you do.

    • Jeff, the real point here is not about the nature of the game, but the protection of the players. Our players had full medical coverage for playing, as well as income when injured…that is not true in many cases today and a serious injury that requires expensive medical treatment and time away from work can be devastating. And no income. Many leagues require personal health insurance which I think is the right approach.

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