What if Leo came to Rollercon?

this is from 4 years ago, and I just updated…..I really wonder about this all the time.


Leo Seltzer

I have to admit I think about it.

Way back in the summer of ’35 he had the crazy idea of putting a marathon on roller skates.  A team was one man and one woman; the winning team that skated several thousand miles won I believe $500.  At that time it was the depth of the depression, and many applicants, skaters and non, showed up as they knew that for at least 30 days they would get food, a bed to sleep, and a chance to make some money.  It was a tremendous success, and just two years later my father and famed sportswriter and author Damon Runyon (“Guys and Dolls”) created the game that has lasted for almost 80 years (80 to be exact on August 13).

Roller Derby shut down in 1973.  In the mid seventies Leo was planning a trip to Montreal to train skaters…

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