Joe McCarthy to Donald Trump….my personal travel. Already saw this rodeo.

In 1952 I was a junior at Northwestern University.  I would be in the army in two years, but at that time I was too young to vote (not yet 21).

It was an election year.  Truman had decided he had enough, so he was going to pack up Bess and Margaret and go back to Independence, Missouri.  The wartime hero/general Dwight Eisenhower was running against Adlai Stevenson from Illinois.  And in the fall of 1952 we were holding a mock political convention.

Every fraternity, sorority and independent house on campus represented some state.  My fraternity (an all Jewish house since none of the others would take our kind) was South Carolina.  Our chairman for the convention had written to governor Strom Thurmond and he had kindly sent us a large confederate flag which had flown over the state house, so we were all ready.

The convention represented both parties, and some well-known legislators had been booked to talk to us, including Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin.  He who was causing so much controversy, claiming the Democrats were the party of Communism who had sold out in Korea, and harbored so many hated communists (substitute immigrants for today) who were out to destroy America.  He claimed to have the names of subversives in government and other establishments, and his hearings would lead to the destruction of many innocent lives.

I sat close to the stage in the gymnasium; he started speaking at a very low calm level, and we pretty much got his standard speech:  America was on the verge of insurrection; the Democrats were either communists or shielding them;  then he waved a stack of papers shouting here are all the names, and they all will be brought out into the open.  I was very shaken by this man.

In the next several years his power and following increased; his hearings got more and more terrifying, until finally at one with the Secretary of the Army he accused an innocent lieutenant and the Secretary, almost in a fury, stood and froze the monster with his famous “Have you no shame, Senator McCarthy” tirade……Edward R. Murrow devoted one of his “See it Now” programs to expose McCarthy.  In 1954 Joe was finally censured by the Senate.  He died a broken alcoholic in 1957.

Have you no shame, Donald Trump?

3 comments on “Joe McCarthy to Donald Trump….my personal travel. Already saw this rodeo.

  1. Well said, Jerry, and a comparison that hadn’t occurred to me. If anything, demonization of immigrants is worse than what McCarthy did, because immigration per se is an innocent pursuit, whereas communism at least could be shown to be a destructive basis for government. But as with so many other aspects of this campaign, each party is competing to outdo the other in ugliness and stupidity. How reckless is Clinton for demonizing Russians and blaming Putin for engaging in cyber-warfare and election interference, solely to distract from the ugly truth in emails she and her aides have written? That our society’s political process produces a choice between these two sick individuals is a story for the ages.

  2. BALONEY, the Democrat party has indoctrinated women with this “it’s my right”, when using abortion to kill 55+ MILLION potential taxpaying citizens as some kind of ‘right’, NOT found in the Constitution, when in actuality–with immigration, illegal or legal–they’ve replaced those millions of dead babies with 40+MILLION aliens to take their place. We the People are effectively replacing native born Americans with gypsy populations that come here with hands out for ‘FREE MONEY’–to the tune of $113+ BILLION PER YEAR costs on the backs of American taxpayers. Face it folks, SCANDALS don’t follow honest people around, Hillary Clinton’s had scandals in EVERY DECADE of her political life. More than 2/3 of Americans don’t trust her! Trump’s problem’s are his words, HER problems should’ve gotten her INDICTED and facing justice in a courtroom for felony crimes for obstruction of justice, destroying Federal property (33,000 counts for email destruction under a Federal subpoena), violation of Espionage act for allowing individuals without National Security clearance access to both Classified and TOP Secret information, violating Federal security laws by using a personal computer server outside of Federal protections, PERJURY, etc…Like it or not–violent criminals, terrorists, drug dealers, etc..are using our broken immigration system to ILLEGALLY enter this country and the Obama administration, the Democrat party. And ‘LOOK’ at the Democrat party–it resembles the pimps for prostitutes, the drug dealer for addicts–it’s a party that divides citizens into individuals groups and pits one against the other before it pronounces itself as the ‘savior’ when election time comes. They’ve created the largest welfare nation in the world, the biggest DEBTOR nation and largest DEBT in world history. And YOU think they can fix anything? Just name something the Federal government runs profitably! They don’t and Hillary Clinton’s just more LIES, more DECEIT and MORE CORRUPTION. It’s time for a REAL businessman to have an opportunity to fix DC, re-electing the same liars every election is insane.

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