7 comments on “from Roller Derby, ticketing, etc to the Sonoma Film Festival, SF Chronicle, 3/27

  1. How come you never age, Jerry? This is a terrific story and you look great. Congratulations on your tremendous success with the festival.

    • Your birthday is on my calendar, but I will be sweltering at a south Texas baseball tournament with my youngest on that day. I hope Dennis will give you a hug for me.

  2. Darling, you NEVER seem to get a day older. Although us old skaters do. I wonder what Juan Molano looks like new (LOL).

  3. Jerry Seltzer has been 5 stars at anything he’s taken on. From Derby to ticketing for the arts, other more traditional sports. Hopefully will see him again at one of Tony’s derby reunion quarterly events at Harry’s Hofbrau, San Leandro. Dr Mike, wrealano@aol.com. Sports and Entertainment Photojournalism Since ’66

  4. By again, I mean since Annie(Calvello’s) documentary had both it’s sizzle reel screening in the Mission, then the actual film’s big S.F. opening night event.

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