A special Holiday Present

Photo by Kym McLeod from stockxchng.com

I know most of us have seen the posting on Facebook from Danielle Krienert representing USA Roller Sports.  In case you haven’t, let me quote from the first paragraph:

The Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) met for their Congress assembly during the World Roller Figure Skating Championships in Portimao, Portugal, on Saturday, December 4th. ….During the central committee meeting, USA Roller Sports gave a presentation on the rapidly growing sport of Roller Derby and requested that FIRS recognize Derby as another one of the federation’s disciplines.  USARS is pleased to announce that its requests was granted and Roller Derby is now an official discipline of FIRS – one step closer to the Olympic movement!  …..in the mid 1960s FIRS was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the international governing body for all roller skating.  IOC recognition is the first necessary step for inclusion in the Olympic games.

And of course there is more about USARS as the official governing body representing roller skating in the US.  Please, this has nothing to do with the WFTDA, the OSDA, WORD, or anything else.  You are all in it together.

This will not be a short or easy progress.  Perhaps by the time it is in Brazil the local teams can have some impact in having it as a demonstration sport.  It is in 25 countries now, hopefully it will be in 100 by then.

How the game will be skated, what the rules all, etc will be determined by the governing committees and the USARS special committee that is being put together.

A big shout out to Danielle Krienert and her committee for really carrying through on this project.  The rest is in your hands and the continuation of the growth of the game all over the World.

I was born in the year that the Olympics were first in Los Angeles;  I hope to live long enough to see the Olympics with Roller Derby.  If not, I know that Leo’s and my descendants will experience the joy as well as all of you out there, except maybe for Merby Dick.

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