Am I getting my message across?

I’m not even sure what my message is, and I have had over 80 blogs to present it.

Maybe there isn’t any.

I started writing these little essays in June 2010, before going to Rollercon.  At the last Rollercon I had attended (2008, what a great shirt they had!), I was surprised at really how few of the women (and men) knew anything about the history of the sport and assumed it was just a few years old.  Well, that is true for the modern Roller Derby, but not for the game itself with its 75-year history.

And I really think that putting out the stories as I remember them, and throwing in other aspects of my life, has stirred up some pride in a number of the players.  In some cases, I have been misinterpreted:  when I wrote so glowingly about the early days and the time that I promoted the sport, some felt I was saying that was the only game I cared about; not true, I have criticized some of the aspects of modern Roller Derby, but if you read through the blogs, you will see that mainly I describe what I see and how I feel.

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I like the fact that many of the small towns and small leagues suddenly realize they are part of the world’s fastest growing woman’s sport, and now for men also.  They are part of the tens of thousands participating in 27 countries throughout the globe in over 773 leagues, and they are bringing that to the media for more attention.  There are now more TV commercials, inclusion in series, features in magazines than ever before, and some major worldwide events are occurring this year which only reflect the power of the game.

I think most out there realize that the original game was created on  August 13, 1935, that Leo Seltzer invented it, that there should be no number 1 on any uniform (if you don’t know why, ask someone you know), and it always had men and women competing.

And on  April 5th, which would have been Leo’s 108th birthday, a mention on the WFTDA Facebook page (over 31,500 like that page!),  of  Leo’s birthday brought forth over 350 ‘likes’.

You are all part of the birthright, the history and the growth.  Be proud of the game from the first appearance to now and to the future.  And by the way, I am thinking of taking all I have presented, adding to it and making a book, thanks to the 43,000 of you that have read my blogs.

Do you have any idea what it means to me to be the person who can represent all 75 years of the sport and all aspects and get such wonderful feedback from everyone (well, almost everyone) I come in contact with?

Help expand the path ahead.