I appreciate what we have!

For the last two hours I have been watching the USA-UK game from London.  There is about 8 minutes left and the US is ahead about 207 to 70 something.

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But it is great Roller Derby.  No Stroller, stop, whatever, and the officials let them play.  When it is slower the teams are playing the game as it was intended:  keep their jammer in, get your jammer out, and help or stop when they get to the back of the pack.  And regardless of the score (I don’t want to bring up the power jam again), the Brits are showing how far the game is advancing elsewhere.

Not that the US are slouches:  they are better than they were in the World Cup.  And they have skated twice a day over the weekend against European teams, scoring over 600 against Sweden.

But the English have skated an extremely well-planned defensive game; how do you match up against Bonnie (now Williams) Suzy (thank providence that this lady and Roller Derby found each other) and the other top skaters in the world that make up the US team.  And the charismatic Raw Heidi is quite an athlete for the Brits.

It is the first time I have watched RDUK.tv, and the announcers are quite skilled and do a great play by play and analysis.  We can learn from them.

I now truly believe that these women equate themselves against the other top athletes in the world.  The game is in a 500-seat basketball gym and none of the trappings signifying an event this important that is the equal to many of the games recently held in London.

I was so proud watching all of them today, regardless of country affiliation. They are showing the highest skill, conditioning and knowledge.  I honestly believe it is up to everybody to perform as close as possible to this type of game and for those who can, spread the word about what is going on in this little-known world of ours.

Regardless of the differences, can’t we all get together on this project to permanently insure the future of the beautiful game.


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