while I am away

Leaving tomorrow for Seattle to consult with a great company (no, not that one).

Totally founded on a green and humanitarian basis, what you always dreamed might happen if greed didn’t prevail so much in our society.  More on that later.

For all of you devoted followers (?) I won’t be as likely to be doing as much facebook, twitter, wordpress posting.  I have a “boot camp” schedule set up and want to be brought up to snuff (strange expression) as fast as possible.

I haven’t been to Seattle in years.  And at night I am going to try and get around to what many consider the most Derby region anywhere:  Fabulous Rat City Rollers, the Oly Rollers (just a few miles south) Donna Kay’s whole new concept, OneWorld Derby, home of Elwood Bruise, I think Derby Deeds, and so many other teams and Derby things.  And you want banked track skating?  Just go to Everett a few miles to the north.

I often wondered why did Seattle develop so much?  I am originally from Portland, and certainly the Rose City Rollersare no slouches; the best junior Derby is here.  And Cherry City (Salem) showed so much heart and compassion in the memorial (and auction) for Jennacidal Tendencies’ surviving children (almost $9000 raised to date!) and I am proud of how the whole northwest (and I include British Columbia – Roller Derby needs no passports when it comes to being international – and remember, the fabulous Lucy D is from somewhere up there).

Image by Rattlhed from Wikimedia Commons.

OK, so I am known for occasionally shouting my political outbursts, but I hope I am also a positive influence in our world and my guidance is helpful. I want to see a game that is safe but has action, and I don’t think the players in any other sport compare to the depth of passion and sibling love that is in Derby;

And I will find out in this coming week whether it is the water, rain, fish throwing or whatever that has created this hotbed of Derby and the wonderful utopian company I will be visiting.

Keep those cards, letters, and posts coming.