Roller Derby and sensitivity to criticism.

Lisa Rose, one of the members of a mid-Wisconsin League, her community, her family, and Derby over 4o is pissed.

While skating in a parade she heard from the team’s photographer that some women were criticizing the Derby girls, what they were wearing, the image they portrayed, the usual, and she feels very upset that she and the other  were slut slammed.

They all work hard to be in Derby, support each other, raise thousands for local community functions, and provide great family entertainment, while having to bear the costs and burdens of being in Roller Derby.  They are full members of WFTDA, sign a code of conduct and obviously contribute hours and effort towards making the organization the best that it can be.

Does it really matter what others think……especially when it was not said directly to the offended party?

My opinion?  It really depends on how it affects you ( I always like when I don’t get affect and effect confused).

You are on your own, entering a world you have come to know about and love,  with ten of thousands of brothers and sisters around the world, and you have every right to be more than proud of yourself.

But many people just don’t get it, and that is really their problem.

What is funny to me is that for so many years this was a huge perception problem for the women in Roller Derby; which was one of the few outlets for women who wanted to compete in a contact sport.  You might think that today is different, and it probably is an age thing…..those under 35 and those hip to today’s culture get it.

But just remember one thing, you can never get into some one else’s head and tell them what to think.  You have every reason to continue to be positive.

As a friend of mine once said “f*** ’em if they can’t take a joke.