What is a friend?

I had to move the other day, and although to explain it to you would be ridiculous, it turned out to be quite complicated.  It involved heavy duty cleaning, painting, sorting, disposing, and more, all things I am not good at.

But Judi Flowers and Jim Weymouth and Jerry Nicol showed up and with three days of intensive and grueling work, I am in my new location…..not enough of the work was mine.

And these are really friends I love.

So let’s think about friends for a moment.  Facebook has redefined the meaning for many people.  If you don’t even know someone, or are merely an aquaintence, you can be someone’s friend and drop information or trivia or pictures of turtles on each other’s doorstep.

Photo by lusi from stock.xchng.com.

But I find a very different situation with my 5000 friends.  So many are from the  Roller Derby connection that there is already the true meaning (to me) of friendship, when we first lock into each other.  Many people think of Roller Derby mainly as the game but are not aware of the inclusive world and sister/brotherhood that exists within it.  If you look on facebook at my wordpress breakdown for 2011, I think you (as I was) will be amazed at the continents and countries that are tuned in.

It is the culture, not just the game, that joins us.  If someone is in trouble in Manchester, we all respond.  Look at how Lori Milkeris is recovering from her terrible experience, and how literally tens of thousands of you responded with donations, positive messages, advice and more.  And the effort of Derby to help stop domestic violence was accelerated by her experiences.

And when Pandora thought she was abandoned in Colorado, how PJ Shields and all people who didn’t even know her changed her life to a more positive experience.

And I don’t just mean that everyone has to respond to these extreme situations, but we know we all will.

Derby today is so much more than skating …….it is an absolute positive way of life that the World could learn from.

Happy New Year to my family  (be good, don’t fight……and by the way, we have to get Lori to Rollercon so among other things she can get a wonderful Derby husbitch).

The Spirit of Derby

Photo by blary54 from stock.xchng.com.

This posting is entirely derived from the wall of PJ Shields on December 16…..there are a few compilations as there were over 60 posts from  many people.

PJ: Derby Community–We have a stranded derby skater in Colorado (Elizabeth). She moved here for a bf who broke up with her on arrival. She has $7 to her name and nowhere to go. Can we get her taken care of for a bit? Money to return her home? Place to stay? Castle Rock, whatchu got? Let’s get it done……..Dosa, we’re gonna hook her up with Grannyy in Golden. We’ll figure out the gas situation soon. I am trying to reach people in the Elizabeth area who may be able to help with that.

(PB, the stranded lady, is from Washington….she refs and skates.)

Dosa: ok, let me  know if I can help!

PJ: She has a small car.  I think  the money she has will get her there…..although we could use a little help with some moolah for her.  The organizer on the Washington end is supposed to call me  later today.  Let me know if you hear from her.  I am  at work and dealing in between court hearings.

Kathy Alexander- She is coming to my house. I will probably take her to work with me tonight if she is up to it & hook her up with some shots to sell for $$.  Anything will help.  Karaoke night at the Hawg Back Saloon in Golden.  Come if you can :).

PJ: That’s great news.  We’ll have to assess how to get her home, but the first step was a doozie.  You rock, Grannyy Apple.   Her paypal is Pbloxx@gmail.com for anyone who wants to donate a few bucks to get her home.

(Exchange between 5 more who just joined and volunteering to help…Tara says she will meet PB in Castle Rock and she can stay there and she would fill up her car.)

Kathy: she is on her way…….just tried her cell and she doesn’t answer.

PJ: OK. If there is an issue, call me.  We have a skater in CR who can top off the tank.

(Shannin Rettig volunteers to meet PB and fill up her tank)  Shannin: OK – let me know.  I have put together a goodie bag for her and have it at my desk at work, some snacks, some cash, and some  drinks.  I will do it (drop off at the Hawg  Back).  Is there anything else she needs?

PJ: Not that I am aware of .  Thank you so much.  Grannyy Apple owns the Hawg Back.  I am sure she will be apparent when you get there.  If not, her staff will know what’s up.

Kathy:  That’s awesome! Just drop it off at the Hawg Back in Golden.  I’m taking her to my daughters office christmas party for dinner, then she might babysit for her tonight to earn some $$.  But she is settled in nicely.

Kristen:  Can I just say that this thread makes me want to join a roller derby club? You guys are amazing.

Nasus: This just made me so unbelievably happy. And touched.

Amy: (heart) derby!!!

Jerry S:  this is what people have no clue about when I describe Roller Derby today to them!

Edd C:  Now that is team work!  Awesome!

What present can you get or give that can equal what was done above in less than two hours.  “God Bless us, every one.”