before we trash Oly…..

Three prime-time stars have left their team to join Oly just in time for the Nationals.

My good friend (and Pastor) Dumptruck calls it a douchebag move, and it does seem to give the Washingtonians an unfair advantage.

But let us look at a couple of things.  There apparently is no money involved, as I believe that would be illegal under WFTDA rules.  And as more and more players are trying to take advantage of their star power to add to their income and careers, the only true national showcase for coverage is the Championship tourney.  Look what the game has done for Suzy Hotrod, although I personally feel she (and Val Capone and some others) have done far more for a game that does not seem to be actively promoting itself.

And this activity seems real small potatoes when on this day the LA Dodgers picked up a quarter billion dollars in payroll to acquire three players from the Red Sox who they feel will lead them to the pennant this year.

Now having watched the 2010 championship in Chicago, it appeared that Oly might have been jobbed on some questionable calls, and the fact that present rules don’t stipulate a jammer on every jam, they had to face the final play with only RMRG having a jammer on the track….guess who won?  And by the way, I felt that Rocky Mountain was a great team that year, but this could be motivation for Oly this year.

And I haven’t seen Oly skate lately, but if they are not doing stroller derby, stop derby, and conga line, that should give them a bye to the championship game and bring fans back to the game.

Just my opinion.

The Spirit of Derby

Photo by blary54 from

This posting is entirely derived from the wall of PJ Shields on December 16…..there are a few compilations as there were over 60 posts from  many people.

PJ: Derby Community–We have a stranded derby skater in Colorado (Elizabeth). She moved here for a bf who broke up with her on arrival. She has $7 to her name and nowhere to go. Can we get her taken care of for a bit? Money to return her home? Place to stay? Castle Rock, whatchu got? Let’s get it done……..Dosa, we’re gonna hook her up with Grannyy in Golden. We’ll figure out the gas situation soon. I am trying to reach people in the Elizabeth area who may be able to help with that.

(PB, the stranded lady, is from Washington….she refs and skates.)

Dosa: ok, let me  know if I can help!

PJ: She has a small car.  I think  the money she has will get her there…..although we could use a little help with some moolah for her.  The organizer on the Washington end is supposed to call me  later today.  Let me know if you hear from her.  I am  at work and dealing in between court hearings.

Kathy Alexander- She is coming to my house. I will probably take her to work with me tonight if she is up to it & hook her up with some shots to sell for $$.  Anything will help.  Karaoke night at the Hawg Back Saloon in Golden.  Come if you can :).

PJ: That’s great news.  We’ll have to assess how to get her home, but the first step was a doozie.  You rock, Grannyy Apple.   Her paypal is for anyone who wants to donate a few bucks to get her home.

(Exchange between 5 more who just joined and volunteering to help…Tara says she will meet PB in Castle Rock and she can stay there and she would fill up her car.)

Kathy: she is on her way…….just tried her cell and she doesn’t answer.

PJ: OK. If there is an issue, call me.  We have a skater in CR who can top off the tank.

(Shannin Rettig volunteers to meet PB and fill up her tank)  Shannin: OK – let me know.  I have put together a goodie bag for her and have it at my desk at work, some snacks, some cash, and some  drinks.  I will do it (drop off at the Hawg  Back).  Is there anything else she needs?

PJ: Not that I am aware of .  Thank you so much.  Grannyy Apple owns the Hawg Back.  I am sure she will be apparent when you get there.  If not, her staff will know what’s up.

Kathy:  That’s awesome! Just drop it off at the Hawg Back in Golden.  I’m taking her to my daughters office christmas party for dinner, then she might babysit for her tonight to earn some $$.  But she is settled in nicely.

Kristen:  Can I just say that this thread makes me want to join a roller derby club? You guys are amazing.

Nasus: This just made me so unbelievably happy. And touched.

Amy: (heart) derby!!!

Jerry S:  this is what people have no clue about when I describe Roller Derby today to them!

Edd C:  Now that is team work!  Awesome!

What present can you get or give that can equal what was done above in less than two hours.  “God Bless us, every one.”

10 years and Denver this weekend!

In January modern Roller Derby will mark its 10th year anniversary.

It started as an extravaganza in Austin at TXRD and somehow organically became 1105 leagues in 38 countries today.

And the end of the 10th year will be marked by several huge events:  the WFTDA Championships this weekend in Denver (be there, I will be), the first World Cup in Toronto in December with at least 13 national teams from various countries; the Derby Dolls championship, OSDA, and much more.

I have such feelings for all the teams in the finals:  Portland is where I was born; Chicago is where I grew up, the home of Roller Derby, and my first view of modern Roller Derby in 2005.  I have met and am in touch with players and friends on all the final teams.  And my choice……don’t skip to the end, because you will be cheating.

The Commissioner will see as much Derby this weekend as I can.  I love the arena, just the perfect size for the event.  about 7000 seats, all comfortable, with a running light board and a huge Jumbotron scoreboard and video.  And Chuck Morris, who is AEG-Live chief of the area and of this building, is a great old friend of mine.

So when I am not watching Derby, I will be giving out prizes:  I will be handing out badges (not exactly) and lanyards at our booth at 1-1, each one numbered and signed by me.  When you come by the booth either to see the unbelievable uniforms of Doug Martin or to try out Mogotix, the ticket system on a mobile phone that requires no additional system, has no paper ticket or will call, or learning about which will be launching soon with very different apparel and other items (“bringing tradition to modern Derby”).

And we will be giving away some tee shirts, Roller Derby to Rollerjam books, “Derby” videos, Judi Flowers footwear and luggage tags, sample jerseys, headbands, etc.  If you are at the games, and are wearing the lanyard, check booth 1-1 in the early and late afternoon each day to see if you are a winner of the dozens of prizes.

I will be selling Lori Milkeris bracelets (see “I like women” posting on this site) for fund raising for her upcoming surgery.  Also, $5 of every sale of “Roller Derby to Rollerjam Book” will be donated to Lori……Make certain we see a lot of purple bracelets at 1st Bank Center.  And you can leave a check with me for Lori or just go to Lori Aid 2011 to donate through paypal.

In late afternoon each day we will be giving away 1 free (!)  service for any upcoming game….this can handle all of your ticket sales including walkup (people can buy on their phone as they walk to the entrance!), any advance game sale (announce your next game and it will be on sale to the people in the audience) with no fees to the winners.  Completely green, no paper, no will calls except on the phone.  Be one of the three winners.  You will only be charged the credit card fees on ticket sales that you now pay.

And Doug Martin has what I think are the best uniforms, including names and numbers and ways to help teams raise money for them…He also is showing some retro Roller Derby designs.

All right, I haven’t seen all the teams play in person, although I have seen them on DNN or  I think Gotham will come in with their strongest squad to date, but to me you have to go with the past champions.  I think it is between Oly and RMRG with Oly coming out the winner.  I am such a fan of all the teams, that I would be happy with great competition, great skating and blocking, and -I hope- no slow play.

Please everyone come up and say hello and if you see me I would appreciate a hug at least.