please save: this year’s Roller Derby blood drive dates and locations:

Last year’s drives received enough blood donations to save up to 800 lives.  Three league have been added to this year’s Red Cross-Brown-Paper Tickets-Roller Derby Drives.  I was  glad to be a donor (age is no factor!).  Members of teams will be on hand.

To schedule your appointment or for more information, please log on to, enter the Sponsor Code: DERBY or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767)

Undead Bettys – Saturday, August 9, 10am – 4PM Location Red Cross Bus – Antioch Sports Center – 1211 Sunset Dr.-Antioch

Quad City Roller Girls – Friday , August 19 – 1pm-7pm, Location: Asbury United Methodist Church – 4743 East Avene. – Livermore

Peninsula Roller Girls – Saturday, August 23rd – 10am – 4pm Red Cross Bus – Redwood Roller Rink -1303 Main Street -Redwood City

Santa Cruz Derby Girls – Friday, August 29, 10am -4pm, Location Red Cross Bus – Whole Foods – 1710 41st Avenue – Capitola

Silicon Valley Roller Girls – Saturday, September 6 – 9am – 3pm Location: TBD, Red Cross Bus – San Jose

Faultline Derby Girls – Saurday, September 20 – 10am – 3pm. Location – Red Cross Bus – 580 Tres Pinos Rd – Hollister

Bay Area Derby Girls – Saturday, September 20 – 11 am-4pm Location Zion Lutheran Church – 495 9th Ave – San Francisco

Sonoma County Roller Derby – Saturday, September 20 – 10am-3pm, Location Red Cross Bus – 1351 Maple Ave, Santa Rosa

Resurrection Derby Girls – Saurday, October 18 -11am-5pm, Location: Red Cross Bus – Cal Skate – 6100 Commerce Blvd.  Rohnert Park.

Rollin’ Roulettes Roller Derby – Merced – date and location TBD

Thanks to Hanna Malak, Thomas Petty, and the Red Cross people and those with Brown Paper Tickets and the great women of the Roller Derby Leagues for making this happen….and at Rollercon Brown Paper Tickets and Red Cross will work with you to create drives with your own league in your own community!


Look who gets all the publicity!

Kim Kardashian image from graphics/image/kim-kardashian-butt-red-dress-75.html

So many Roller Derby Leagues are struggling to get noticed in their communities in order to increase their fan base.

And if you go to the new Roller Derby PR on Facebook you will see the wonderful exchange of information that is helping everyone, but the most common complaint is how do you let people know who we are and why they are missing a great experience if they and their families don’t see what we are doing.

And it is definitely upsetting when you see the fury of the locusts (TMZ, Insider, etc, etc, etc ad nauseam) and what is on dozens of cable and other channels 24 hours a day.  Casey Anthony received more publicity for her heinous crime that all of our 30 Seals killed in Afghanistan.  And this is crazy:  a headline (teaser of course) on Huff Post:  Casey Anthony’s car destroyed……so of course you think “I wonder who blew it up”.  The story was that the crime car in her case had been crushed in a recycling plant (but they got me to go to another page where there were more ads).

And explain the Kardashians…..their father, the lawyer, helped get O. J. off and probably hid his bag somewhere.  And off of that case he became a national figure, so after he dies and his daughter is on a sex tape with a rapper and off we go.  The whole trashy family is the hottest thing in America without any real talent in the whole bunch.  And Kim’s wedding to basketball player Kris (I never heard of him until this time) was reported to cost $20 million dollars!  And there is Paris and Jesse James and on and on.  And what is their secret?  America wants to read about them in People and watch them on E channel.

So what is the solution for Derby?  And the obvious ones are not even to be considered!

Just do what you are doing, and as frustrating as it may seem, the world will catch on.  Your story is the best.  It is altruistic, asking for nothing from anyone, and helping the community you live in, relieving stress from a lot of your lives, and perhaps most of all, getting people who you wouldn’t think would perform such a strenuous activity off of their asses as well as getting kids into Junior Roller Derby so they build good exercise values for the rest of their lives.  And look how you respond to crises of your teammates and others throughout the whole Derby world ( i.e. Lori Milkeris, where over 5000 responded).

Sometime virtue is just its own reward.