I am just a messenger

I asked a couple of friends of mine to watch Roller Derby on DNN recently….they work for two different sports networks.  I asked if this game is ready for prime time.

Image by iamwahid from stock.xchng.com.

#1 said it took him quite a while to figure it out and was confusing…..he thought the excessive scoring would not make it viable, especially if it is too one sided……a couple of interesting suggestions:  keep the power jam, but only at the end of the first half and the end of the game.  Otherwise, 5 points would be maximum on a jam. (“there are point limits per play in all of our games.”)  He thought all the officials in the middle muddled up the viewing.

#2 wanted it on a banked track, I said most leagues cannot have a banked track.  He also thought too much scoring and penalties…..he said unlike football or basketball, you had no ideas what the penalties are for and why so many officials.  Even having never seen the game before, he thought the stopping and/or going backwards made the game dull.  He loved the skill and speed of the women competing, and wanted to see more of that…..he actually was surprised at how professional the skating looked…..unfortunately, he had also watched some of the world cup and couldn’t believe the scoring.

Neither thought it would be good cable programming at this time, but promised to keep checking.  I explained that it was something I was not going to do, but just wanted their opinions.  I said nothing to either to influence them.

The realty is the WFTDA rules are dominant, and that is what the game is today.  Any changes (or none) have to come through that organization.

Please don’t yell at me…..I am just a messenger.  I have read all of your opinions, but feel free to add more.