before we trash Oly…..

Three prime-time stars have left their team to join Oly just in time for the Nationals.

My good friend (and Pastor) Dumptruck calls it a douchebag move, and it does seem to give the Washingtonians an unfair advantage.

But let us look at a couple of things.  There apparently is no money involved, as I believe that would be illegal under WFTDA rules.  And as more and more players are trying to take advantage of their star power to add to their income and careers, the only true national showcase for coverage is the Championship tourney.  Look what the game has done for Suzy Hotrod, although I personally feel she (and Val Capone and some others) have done far more for a game that does not seem to be actively promoting itself.

And this activity seems real small potatoes when on this day the LA Dodgers picked up a quarter billion dollars in payroll to acquire three players from the Red Sox who they feel will lead them to the pennant this year.

Now having watched the 2010 championship in Chicago, it appeared that Oly might have been jobbed on some questionable calls, and the fact that present rules don’t stipulate a jammer on every jam, they had to face the final play with only RMRG having a jammer on the track….guess who won?  And by the way, I felt that Rocky Mountain was a great team that year, but this could be motivation for Oly this year.

And I haven’t seen Oly skate lately, but if they are not doing stroller derby, stop derby, and conga line, that should give them a bye to the championship game and bring fans back to the game.

Just my opinion.

I beg you on bended knee…….

Arrived home at 3:30 am from the best Rollercon ever!……Had a booth with two wonderful clients, took my 2nd Derby wife, was in several thousand photos (or so it seemed)…..more should be cropping up.  Having been to dozens of trade shows and conventions over the years for Roller Derby, Ticketmaster, and Judi Flowers Studio, I am just blown away by how well Rollercon is run.

RollerCon 2012. Photo from Christine Mask Warbrick.

And I was able to see so much skating in such a compressed time.   Sanctioned and unsanctioned bouts; skaters who don’t skate in the same leagues competing with and against each other, and what was for me, the most exciting game!

I was able to announce (you know how many years it has been?) the over 40s game between “Slow down, punks” and “Get off of my lawn”, and it was exciting.  Both teams skated Roller Derby as it was meant to be (and under the WFTDA rules): a balls out action game – no stopping, slowing down, going backwards or whatever.  Jam after jam, just trying to get out of the pack with tremendous jamming, offensive and defensive blocking, and every point was hard fought.

And it ended as it should have, a 54-54 ties.  And every skater over 40 and into their fifties.

If you don’t skate this kind of game because of “strategy”, then please use “strategy” in practices; don’t bore live audiences.   You want it to grow, excite audiences and increase its potential, then go back to the skating before the Rat City/RMRG debacle several years back which started this trend.

The game should not be played to get around the rules……penalize skating backwards, stopping, etc, and like in other major sports, set a time limit on when the jams must start.

I have seen Roller Derby die twice.  Please not again before it reaches its full growth……it is on roller skates, it is an action game.   Stop before it is too late.

The Commissioner