what am I doing here?

Maybe I have always wanted to teach or lecture.

I feel good when I think someone actually likes what I write or say.

Original photo by Piotr Lewandowski from stock.xchng.com.

The Big Bang has allowed me a number of years on the planet, and I am still fairly lucid, active and have only a few things that have changed.  (Where are my goddamned keys and yes she is very pretty, so what).

You can read whatever you want into what I am saying (“he likes banked track better than us”, “he is really a lefty”, “who cares about all that history crap”, “it’s our game and what is he trying to do”, and “there must be a devious person behind all of this”.), but almost 50,000 have read my blog, and I have almost 3800 friends on facebook and a small but growing number on Twitter.

I love talking about the Roller Derby I have known for over 70 years, as well as the country that I grew up in and what is happening now, right and wrong, how the skaters today and all young people inspire me (I really am hep).  And when I get a reaction from something I write that gets a response, that is great.

I have known so many wonderful people in my lifetime and fortunately have not been stalled in any one time period,  thanks to Roller Derby, sports, Rock and Roll and my own nature to be aware of what is happening and enjoy it.   And most of all, to not be judgmental in the sense of if somebody is happy doing something I wouldn’t do or necessarily don’t like,  so what, if it doesn’t harm me or anyone else.

I am sure you all know that I would like religions to merely be loving and accept others, but I don’t see that happening.  It seems to be the nature of the world.

So thanks for staying with me; the nice part is you can always leave (and some do, but I forgive them), and let’s just enjoy the ride together.