keeping Kitt Track busy

Kitt Track sent me a message on facebook today.

Demand for his banked track is accelerating, and he is on his 13th and feels he will have 20 by the end of the year.  And they are all over, none from the major cities (outside of LA), but somehow the leagues are able to get the funds and get them done.  I know Everett, Washington, has one and they have had very successful attendance in the local arena in really a small market.

Photo by Afonso Lima from

Skating on a banked track requires much different technique than flat track, and my concern is that skaters are taught properly, as it is faster and requires more skill than other kinds of skating, but can be much easier on the legs and body parts.  Skaters from hundreds of miles away are flocking to Philadelphia to learn under the tutelage of Roller Derby great Judy Sowinsky and Skip Schoen, and one of the major flat track leagues is learning on the banked track and they know it will  help` immeasurably for flat track.

I would like to suggest to OSDAPRO and NRDA that they produce a 10 or 15 minute video (or even longer) and provide it at a reasonable cost to the new banked track leagues on the proper training techniques.   And believe me, they are very, very difficult but worthwhile.

I heard today from one of the members of a mens league, and I suggested that if he has the opportunity he learns to train on a banked track.  He said his league is standing by their sisters and won’t do it.

I am an advocate for all styles of Roller Derby.  Don’t be close minded.  Anything you can learn or do better is of benefit to your game.

The Commissioner