Usually some good comes out of bad

From early on I knew that Roller Derby was a different world…not quite accepted as a sport but defiant and out there.

And my father showed no discrimination….There were gay skaters from the 30s on including my era. I will not name them because most never came out and there are still families and friends who I think never knew. and we integrated African-Americans, Mexicans, Samoans, etc early. The apex was reached in my era when one of the strongest and best teams in the league was virtually all gay, men and women. Many of our skaters, including some of the leaders expressed they didn’t want gay players on their team, but I paid the salaries so that was that.

This is really not about gays, but about intolerance. We all know what occurred in Indiana and the so-called religious freedom law. But it is the reaction that is important. After having crazies elected to office who are imposing their beliefs on us in denying climate change, making abortions almost impossible, and putting so many unnecessary restrictions on the populace, it seems like this is a last straw.

The bigots and the haters won’t go away, but the majority who have remained silent too long, haven’t spoken up, haven’t voted are now making themselves heard. Pence never expected the reaction, and other areas where there is “religious freedom” by bigots are beginning to feel it. Yesterday in Texas a mother was lectured by a clerk on why her daughter shouldn’t be able to buy a boy’s suit to wear for Easter. A television station picked up on it and so many complaints were made about the store that they had to take down their facebook page.

Can you imagine if you coached a Derby team and said your beliefs didn’t allow gays, African Americans, Mexicans, etc? Our small world isn’t perfect, but it is a shining example to all out there.

We have a chance to take back America… year is not just about Hillary against Bush, there is so much more…..The Republicans are so vulnerable, there will be 23 senators up for election against just 10 Democrats…..we have let the Koch Brothers, Fox, and voter restriction take over our country with just 23% of the worst of America in beliefs decide for us all.

We have 19 months to get our act together….or why don’t we just forget about it.

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